Who is Anna

Growing up to me is quite a serious business and therefore I take children (and their books) very seriously. I am not afraid tot choose difficult subjects to show that children, like adults, are not always as heroic and princessy as some grown ups would want them to be. Therefore, my books are books to think about, to talk about, to love or hate.
I love to write about strange and impossible things because I like to think that, as Albert Einstein said,  ‘imagination encircles the world’ .
And almost all of my books are called ‘pageturners’.

A selection:

About a shy girl who is sure she can fly. A boy in her new class believes her and tries to help her practice. And then…

A serie of 3 about a female girl detective called Isabel. Her parents write travel magazines and therefore she travels all over the world. Along the way she sees mysterious things happen, and goes after it to solve it. She looks sweet and lovely but she is actually a tough and brave detective (the leading Dutch detective magazine wrote: ‘detectives for children have finally grown up’) .
One book takes place in Senegal where a (supposedly) tribal murder is committed. There were only 7 people in the jungle lodge when it happened, one of them must be the murderer.
The second one is in Belize and part of the book takes place on and below (diving) the water. On this exotic island children keep disappearing and not coming back. Isabel starts to look for them… and disappears herself.
In the third book they are in Rio for the carnival. One samba school kidnaps a child in order to win the contest for best samba school. Isabel has one night in the middle of carnival Rio to find the boy (Orfeu negro meets Ransom).
Since I am also a traveller, all these locations are very well known to me.

My best selling book. About a girl, her father and her sister who on their holiday in Ireland end up in a very beautiful but (as it turns out) very strange hotel. Laura, the girl, discovers the people in the hotel are all wiccans. First she loves it because her life gets exciting and meaningful at once. But then the high priestess, the owner of the hotel, appears not to be as perfect as Laura thought she was and things are getting out of hand. Laura has to make a terrible choice.
About how easy it is to close your eyes for what you better cannot see when you want to be part of something.

My most discussed (and best reviewed) book. A girl decides one day to become the best ‘bastard’ ever. She has no real reason for it (loving parents, good social background, smart at school), but she starts doing things only bad kids do: stealing, lying, cheating. She discovers there are no limits and the things she does are getting worse. Then it all explodes.
About conciousness: what is good and bad and how do you know when you cross the thin line between them.

A girl goes to the first year of an exclusive high school. There is a group of beautiful successful children that she loves to be part of. And then her dream comes true. She is so happy she doesn’t want to see the downsides of her new fiends. And she also refuses to see that Ezra, a Turkish girl who is sitting next to her in class, is getting more afraid every day. During a school camp there is a game called ‘fox hunt’  and then things get completely out of hand. An exciting thriller (in reviews has been compared to The secret history of Donna Tart – but then for younger children).

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